Pre-Baby Bucket List Blog

In a few months my husband and I are intending on trying to start a family. (Don’t hold me to it, you never know what will happen!) But, before I begin the feat of motherhood I NEED to travel more. Fortunately, I have an extensive list of travels starting up as soon as this weekend! During these trips I will be blogging about my experiences and posting photography from these adventures.

Below are my upcoming destinations:

3/21-3/22: Indianapolis, IN

3/28-3/29: Bloomington/Normal, IL

4/2-4/6: Minneapolis, MN

4/18-4/20: Milwaukee, WI

4/25-4/27: Carbondale, IL

As you can see, it’ll be quite the Midwestern spread! For you east and west coast folks, here is your chance to get a real feel of the “corn belt”!