First Reiki Session

Last Wednesday I received my first full reiki session from my friend Kaycie. Kaycie once again, is a dear friend of mine. She has truly been an inspiration since the moment we met. Currently, she is helping me stay focused on progressing my art and photography and I am ever appreciative for that.

For the session I was laying down. Light music was in the background and the scent of incense was wafting through the room. Kaycie used her pendulum to determine whether my various chakras were open, closed, or balanced. She determined that I had a blocked third eye, an overactive throat, sacral, and root, and my solar plexus and crown were open and balanced.


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Thus, Kaycie performed reiki to better open my third eye chakra and balance out my overactive chakras. 

Throughout the session I couldn’t help but feel completely and utterly calm. The experience was very relaxing. I wonder if having the overactive chakras balanced out is what gave me such a feeling of tranquility. Feeling the warmth of Kaycie’s hands while she performed the reiki, and the light hand and foot massage put me in a coma like state. Once the session was done I just wanted to take a nap. It felt as though I had just received a full body massage!

My assignment now is to work on keeping the third eye balanced, checking in with the solar plexus as needed and using the reclined bound angle yoga pose to assist in releasing any self-doubt or cloudiness of my psychic. If I am able to keep the third eye balanced and open I will be better able to see the bigger picture for my life and this summer.

My overall goal is to use meditation and intuition to help me know whether or not to renew my work contract, or to move forward with something bigger. Or, continue the contract, but also allow myself to move forward with the art, photography, and blogging. I’ve been feeling torn and pulled back and forth with this as of late. Even with the support and encouragement from family to really pursue my art and photography, I still haven’t really pushed it forward yet. I am hoping I can get my third eye to see the larger picture and be able to wash away the self-doubt about whether or not this idea is feasible and lucrative enough to be financially stable. Because, deep down, I know it can be both.

Thus, this summer is going to be a reflection period. My goal is to really dive deep in my art and photography this summer. Allowing my creative juices to flow and be a driving force for my decisions.

Below is the Goddess Parvati. Ganesha’s mother. She is known as the goddess of power, creativity, and beauty. I’ve been using this image of her as inspiration. I am hoping by reflecting on this image I can allow my creativity to flow and remind myself to keep my third eye open.