W.E.M. (Women’s Empowerment Messages)

20140411-082302.jpg 20140410-084317.jpg 20140409-211521.jpg 20140408-152536.jpg 20140407-102807.jpg 20140406-084333.jpg 20140409-084940.jpg 20140404-075229.jpg 20140403-071608.jpg 20140402-075945.jpg 20140401-212555.jpg 20140331-081705.jpg 20140401-103418.jpg 20140330-072741.jpg 20140329-075442.jpg 20140327-164339.jpg 20140328-131038.jpg 20140326-223029.jpg 10013723_10152655247546102_1319624690_n

I feel very strongly about women’s rights and love of self. There is far too much pressure on women to be a size 6 or smaller. Obsessing over a number is the most ludicrous waist of time (no pun intended), and can be debilitating to a women’s self-esteem and morale. I hope through this blog I can provide positive messages for women to remind them how beautiful they are inside and out.

This images have been derived from pinners on Pinterest


 20140319-161926.jpg 20140320-082352.jpg 20140321-053439.jpg 20140322-061011.jpg 20140323-064125.jpg


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