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20140321-054329.jpg photo 3 photo 4 photo 1(2)

Edited (17) IMG_4754 IMG_4760 IMG_4841 Fav5 Fav6 Fav10 Fav9 Edited81 Edited115 Edited105 Photo-Euphemism-Lights Photo-Euphemism-Note taker Photo-Grapes OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Photo-rustytub Photo-sunflowerwithbee Photo-yellowflowers Edited105 Fell Hall IMG_0160 Favy 15 Favy 3 Favy 6 Favy 7 Favy 10 IMG_6459 IMG_6494 IMG_6283 IMG_6287 IMG_6372 - Copy IMG_6644 IMG_6655 2nd shoot (4) 2nd shoot (15) 2nd shoot (47) IMG_6523 IMG_6637 - Copy IMG_6376 IMG_6395 IMG_6320 LJVpics (241) LJVpics (2) LJVpics (8) LJVpics (16) LJVpics (19) LJVpics (45) LJVpics (73) LJVpics (82) LJVpics (92) LJVpics (97) IMG_5506 IMG_5516 IMG_5463 IMG_5481 (2)s IMG_5493 (2)sGetAttachment (7) GetAttachment (10) IMG_5884 IMG_5882 IMG_5873 IMG_5876 GetAttachment (5) GetAttachment (4)


Photography has been a passion and hobby of mine for over ten years now. I capture just about anything and everything you can imagine, from still life to boudoir. Here is a small sample of my work. All rights reserved-please do not copy or redistribute without permission.

*Some content may be explicit


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