5 Days, 5 People, 1 Hotel Room

This afternoon I will depart of Minneapolis, MN for a conference. It will be my first time on an airplane in roughly 6 years. Flying doesn’t cause me much anxiety though, plus it is a direct flight. I am however trying to remain calm about being in one hotel room with 4 other individuals for four nights and five days. With meditation becoming a recent practice of mine, I am hoping I will be able to remain calm and balanced throughout the trip. I am though, very excited to explore Minneapolis and meet up with some old grad school buddies and instructors of mine.

While packing for this trip my husband questioned whether or not I would be checking in a bag….. If you’ve already forgotten, this is a 5 day trip!!! In addition, the weather is going to be all over the place while we are there, AND there will be multiple dress situations throughout the next five days (formal, informal, going-out, etc.). SO YES, yes I will be checking a bag. Is he silly or what?!? Men…. How ever did he believe a female would be able to get away with one piece of luggage for that amount of time?!


I feel like this is reasonable!


This morning I woke up ready to blog. I believe this is an indication that I am excited for this trip! I woke up, had breakfast, and came to my office to figure out what books I’ll want to read during the downtime.


Although I am still quite curious about Taco Bell’s new breakfast items, I decided to make a bagel with strawberry slices instead. (Which I can only imagine is also much healthier!)

I then looked through my bookshelf to determine which books I’d like to bring along for the trip. I decided on the following two:


The top book, City of Masks, is an excellent novel that I have read before. I feel like it would be a good time to start that one up again. The second text, Folk and Fairy Tales, is a text I read for an undergrad course. It has all the old stories we grew up with as children, but with the actual original renditions. (The morbid and grotesque plots) I don’t know why, but I feel like that text is going to rouse up some artistic inspiration for me, and thus I have chose to bring it along as well.

Although it is finally feeling like spring here in southern Illinois, in MN it is currently a brisk 19 degrees. And even though that is my favorite number, it is certainly not my favorite temp!


None the less, I am excited to explore Minneapolis and looking forward to recording my experiences to share with you all!

Thank you for your follows and views, I certainly do appreciate it!