First Day of Spring Break

As an educator, spring break is a time of year that teachers look forward to just as much as the students! It is always nice to get a break from the action and finally switch hats back to a “normal” person, if you will. The weather on my first day of break has brought a nice change of pace.The sun is shining in, birds are chirping, windows are opened and spirits are lifted. I love going to our bay window in the morning to see the sun filling the room full of light.


I started the day snuggling with my pooch and slowly waking. I showered, got ready for the day, and excitedly put on my new shirt from CandyStrike! If you haven’t checked out that site before, I highly suggest it! It is an edgy store with neat plus-size pieces. I discovered


the store from a plus-size fashion blogger on Pinterest. As soon as I saw the shirt, I fell in love!

Once I was finished getting ready for the day, it was time to meet up with my girl Kaycie at Joe Sipper’s Cafe (pictures below). We met up and discussed some final reflections from the meditation session I had with her the other day. She is such an inspiration. Meeting with her always lifts my spirits and inspires me to move forth with my goals. Afterwards, I ran back home to eat lunch with my husband. Currently, I am hanging out with Mr. Arlo waiting for my husband’s return this afternoon so we can hit the road for Indy!