One Fine Day

Today was definitely one of the highlights of break! Started off by cleaning up the house and organizing my office.


Then, I took a donation to Goodwill and left with a few of my own new treasures.

Afterwards, I met up with my friend Jamie and got some quality paint time in.


(Going in tomorrow to finish it up!)

Then, during a painting break, I met up with a gorgeous gal to do a boudoir session.


For dinner, the hubs and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. It seemed like everything was extra delicious there tonight. Of course we enjoyed the customary chips and salsa, but we also ordered the “crack” cheese. For my dinner entree I ordered the pollo encremado (my favorite) always always good!


Then at 7 I went to a mediation session at my gym. Had an awesomely unique experience with that. Definitely something I will continue with. My final part of the evening has been spent hanging out with my pooch and editing pictures from today. So, it was really a SOLID FRIGGEN DAY! 😀