Candice Huffine – The First Curvy Model of Pirrelli Calendar 2015

RALUCA STOICA Candice Huffine

The Pirelli calendar – aside from the gorgeous models featured in its pages and the amazing locations, what makes it even more desirable is the fact that the calendar can never be found on the newsstands, but is sent only to some lucky few, and no one knows who those people are. For the upcoming edition of the much talked about calendar, the names of the models have been revealed and the surprise of the 2015 edition is that plus-size model, Candice Huffine, will be the first curvy model of Pirelli calendar.

My presence on this set – the most glamorous in the world – is a sign that things are really changingI am aware of my diversity. Even when I climb the stairs in a place like this I know that a few of the clothes from the wardrobe will fit. But no one makes…

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The Road is Not Easy (and Nor Should It Be) / A Meditation on Pain.

James Radcliffe

To be human, and to live a human life is to be, (at least in part) almost continually beset by: pain, hardship, and obstacles.

Strangely, far from being the despicable and discouraging news that this, on the surface, appears to be; I believe that this is not necessarily a bad thing….

In fact, I believe: pain and obstacles can be a great impetus to our continuing growth and evolution.  And furthermore: that a life lived without them would be largely useless and benign; bereft of much of the merit gleaned and accrued from the full gamut of human experience.

But (and here is the kicker), without the correct approach to these things, without the correct guiding idea, we can all too easily spiral down into a dark pit of: victimhood, learned helplessness, and general malaise.

How can I possibly prove all this?  Why am I even…

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Can I Be Healed?

joyful cacophony

I was looking at this Reiki website and I found this very interesting.

Can Reiki heal me?
No promises can be made about the outcome of the use of Reiki (or any other healing system). It all depends on you, your intent, your background and the nature of your problem. Healing is a different experience and has different effects on every individual. A big step towards healing yourself is to actually realize your need for healing. Here are some important questions to think about, reflect and answer them truthfully:

· Do you want to become whole or do you simply want to have your problem go away?

· Are you willing to make changes in your life that are necessary for your healing process?

· Do you recognize any patterns in your life that block the flow of energy in your body?

· Have you taken a serious look at…

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When I wake up, in the morning light…

I’m typically an early bird, and this morning was no exception. On days I do wake up early I usually do the three following things: 1) check on my pooch, 2) make breakfast and find a good spot to sit and think, and 3) listen to smooth jazz on the Telly. The moments to myself are always sacred. And on top of this morning’s routine, I get to enjoy listening to a summer thunderstorm roll in. 🙂




Summer Morning

It is a brisk summer morning. Probably one of the coolest one’s in memory.
A cool breeze moves through the air, making me wish that I had a jacket or blanket on hand.
The birds are chipping in sync to the crickets. The fountain trickles delicately and dances in my ears. I hear the dog’s collar tink around his neck as he peruses around the yard for new clues.
Steam rises from my coffee cup and follows the air. Smoke from an incense does the same. The patterns they make are mesmerizing and could easily take away the day.
Blue skies take up most of the horizon, with few wispy clouds traveling across it.
I sit at a picnic table enjoying breakfast and coffee while journaling the morning away.