Low Carb Summer Here I Come!

So the other night I made dinner for the hubs and I, and other than the chips it would have counted as a low carb meal.


It was friggen delicious! So, I thought to myself, why not make it a low carb summer? It’ll be grilling time and swim suit season, so what perfect motivation to cut out the carbs!

Yesterday my girlfriend and I had our last finals so we had some wine and cheese to celebrate! Bread was also involved, so I am counting it as my last carb binge for awhile! Of course the cheese was not, so at least that part was okay! It was so damn good! We had a lot of cheese left over once we were done. Alyssa is going to have a nice little selection for the week! I looooove cheese, so I feel like this low carb thing shouldn’t be too difficult for me!


This morning I am officially kicking off the low carb summer. Yesterday I went on Pinterest and pinned multiple low carb recipes. Then I made an extensive grocery list of items to purchase. This morning I am enjoying eggs and bacon! They are cooking in the oven now, but below is an image of them before placing them in the oven! Can’t wait for them to be done!


Here is to cutting out carbs and maybe losing a few pounds during the process!


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