It has been awhile.

I feel like it has been quite some time since I devoted a few minutes to really writing to the blog community. My WEM’s have been consistent and faithful, but I myself haven’t spent much time writing recently. So today, after some long overdue meditation, I have decided to actually post something lengthier than an image!

Mother’s Day weekend I traveled to the QC area to visit with my family and friends. It was nice seeing family members that I haven’t seen in some time and being able to celebrate the Mother’s Day holiday with my mother and mother-in-law. Overall the weekend went well. I arrived in early Saturday morning and my sister, mother, and I all went to the Farmer’s Market. The one in the QC is really huge and has a lot of neat vendors. So, needless to say it was a great time! After perusing through multiple vendors and purchasing bread, cheese, and soap bars, the three of us went to a near by location for lunch. I ordered a blue cheese and chicken salad. It was absolutely delicious and hit the spot in so many ways.

Following lunch the three of us headed back to the IL side and I went over to my sister’s place since my mom had to head to work. My sister and I both were pooped, so once her son was down for a nap we also took one. Sitting in a recliner with a cool breeze coming through and the sun ever so slight with its warmth coming through the window as well, it took me no time to fall asleep. We both took about a 2hr nap. Afterwards we brought Sawyer (my nephew) to a sitter and came back to the apartment to start our night. We opened up the tomato and basil bread and the tomato and basil goat cheese spread, a bottle of wine, and dived into all the goodness. The bread and cheese combo was so stinkin’ tasty, and of the course the wine was wine, so it was also great.

One of my sis and I’s close girlfriends came over and joined us in the fun. We went out later and had a great time letting loose. By Sunday morning all three of us were feeling terrible, but even still my sis and I headed to my mom’s house and I made biscuits and gravy and enjoyed Mother’s Day morning. Later my sister and I assisted my mom with planting a few things, and afterwards both decided we desperately needed to wash off the night before and get ready for the day. The rest of the afternoon my sister and I just hung out and played with Sawyer. It was leisurely and simple, but good.

Come Sunday afternoon I had a photography shoot for my beautiful cousin’s senior session part 2. This session focused on some softball pics. We alllmoooost got rained out, but fortunately it passed through pretty quickly. The shoot we great, and I was excited with the images I captured in a short amount of time. Some samples are below:



She is certainly one stunningly young lady! 


I am proud that she is such a level headed, spirited, and strong young women. Our family has faced a lot lately, and she has always maintained a warmth about her. She will also be the second person in our family to attend college. I am proud of her for pursuing her dreams, and hope she knows she can come to me whenever college life seems too much or gets her down. 


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