Stupendous Saturday

This Saturday was a great follow up to Friday. At 11am I met up with my friend Kaycie for brunch and maternity pics part two! She made us some deeelicious waffles from scratch with strawberry toppings and whipped cream. It was truly delightful!







While we enjoyed our waffles Kaycie showed me some ideas on Pinterest of some shots she wanted from our shoot that afternoon. After our food settled and our plotting of pics was through we got started on our shoot! This was our second maternity shoot together, and it was neat to see the progress of her beautiful belly! Here is a little sample.




They are such a good looking couple, and Kaycie has just become more and more radiant throughout her pregnancy! Needless to say, the shoot was quite effortless!

After our pics I headed home to be with my hubby. We had some lunch and relaxed for bit watching some television and I began editing the pictures. In the evening we headed to an event at a local wine store here in town. We spent the rest of the night enjoying a few drinks and socializing with some friends.

On our drive home we received news of an engagement by a close family member, which was an even more perfect way to end the night! My hubby and I are very excited for them and are looking forward to celebrating with them throughout the whole wedding process! It was a great great day and I am very blessed to have such awesome days in a row.



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