Real Life Creepers and Gender Roles

A reminder and reality of both gender equality and inequality.

Chapter TK

There are certain risk associated with living alone, especially living alone on a ground floor. I learned that lesson around this time last year, when my area flooded. At 6:30 in the morning, I awoke to find the water was already half way up my car tires and that my apartment complex had become an island. My roommate’s girlfriend took the canoe to the gas station in search of alcohol (since we and our cars were stranded).


The other apparent risk of living in a ground level apartment is creepers.

Last Thursday’s events lasted only five minutes. I awoke to find a man in a hooded sweatshirt straining to look through my blinds into my bedroom. After he noticed me, he tried to hide before popping up to look through again. I contacted the police and my landlord. The situation has been handled.

I felt violated and couldn’t help but…

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