The Rest of Our Weekend

Saturday morning I woke at 4:30am wide awake. I just couldn’t get back to sleep. So I came out to the living room, turned on the TV and opened up my computer to start blogging. By 5:30am my sister was also awake and I had someone to hang out with. We got a pot of coffee going and just talked and hung out until my mom, nephew, and husband were all awake as well.

Once everyone was up and ready for the day we headed to the Gabby Goat for breakfast. Gabby Goat is a pub here in town that has some good food as it is, but it also is open for breakfast. Although they offer a very minimal breakfast menu, the food is great! And so are their bloody marys! We all were very happy with what we ordered and left with very full bellies.


After breakfast we headed to the grocery store to get some groceries for dinner and Easter Sunday. Post grocery trip we headed to Tuscan Hills Winery. My mother and sister have visited me a few times but still had not yet been to the Winery, so I was excited to bring them there to check it out! My husband kindly watched our nephew while we spent part of the afternoon there. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere there is really neat. My sister and I got some major sun while sitting outside enjoying the wine. I don’t know how my mom avoided getting burnt, but she sure wasn’t as red as we were after we left.


There is my sissy in the background!

We enjoyed two bottles of wine before heading back to the house.

My sister and mother both set up a tarot reading with Kaycie in the afternoon. I was excited for them to meet her and they loved her as much as I knew they would! And so did my pup Arlo! My sister was pumped and had no reservations about doing the reading. My mother however did have a few reservations about it all, but ended up really loving it! She was impressed with how accurate everything was, and I was happy she tried something new and out of her comfort zone. Both of them really enjoyed the experienced and walked away with guidance and affirmations.

After the readings we hung out for a bit before my sister and I headed to the Village Wine Shop to meet up with a few friends there. I was happy to see so many people I wanted to introduce to her. We hung out for a short bit before heading back to the house for dinner.

Just as Friday was, Saturday was also a beautiful day! It was a perfect night for hanging outside, having some friends over, and grilling up some food. We had a huge veggie tray that was devoured quickly, some cheese and crackers, and grilled up some burgers.

10177242_10152721611631102_3095066500806006586_n photo 2(10) photo 3(8)

The rest of the evening was spent just hanging out with friends and enjoying the outdoors.


Sunday we got up and started getting the house and meal ready for Easter Sunday! Sawyer even helped with vacuuming šŸ™‚ My mom and I headed to the store for a few items we forgot the day before and while I was there I grabbed some eggs to do an Easter egg hunt with Soybean when we got back. While the food was cooking I went outside to hide the eggs around the backyard. Afterwards, Sawyer, my mom and sis all came out to watch him begin the hunt. He did well!

1907618_10152723031071102_2626688573668137987_n photo 4(7)

After the egg hunt we came back inside and finished cooking up the food. The meal was extensive! We had ham, cheesy potatoes, two quiches, green bean casserole, and some pineapple. Needless to say my husband and I have some mad leftovers! As you can see from an earlier post, I’ve already enjoyed some leftover quiche for breakfast.


The rest of Sunday we hung out and enjoyed being outside. My mom and sister left around 2:30pm. Overall, it was a very successful trip and we all had a lot of fun together! Once they left my husband, pup, and I all relaxed for bit before getting on the task of picking up the house post visit. We were all pretty pooped the rest of the evening and Arlo and I took a solid nap on the couch in the afternoon.

10256287_10152723361796102_7451450960715702050_o photo 5(6)

Solid weekend!





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