Fabulous Friday

Today has been a wonderful day! I had a great night’s rest last night to start. I slowly woke, made breakfast, picked up the house, and then got ready for the day. At 10:00am I met up with my girl Kaycie. We walked around downtown where she shared with me an awesome goal she has in mind for the near future! I am very excited for her, and I know that she can make any of her dreams happen! Afterwards, we walked to Joe Sippers and continued to chit chat. Both of us have some goals we would like to achieve, and we are doing our best to try and assist each other the best we can to help one another get there. During our talk Kaycie took out her tarot cards to do a quick reading about where her and I need to be focusing our energy and what our next steps should be.


The card on the far right guided us to remove any and all negative energies, bad habits, or self-doubt that may be pinning us down from achieve our dreams/goals. The middle card reminded us to accept and also give back as we need to, and to one another. The last card shared with us two different things due to the way it was facing. For me it guided me to enjoy the fruition of my efforts, and to also now think through how to best “arrange” the fruits of my labor. For Kaycie it reminded her to celebrate herself and her achievements! Overall, it was a very insightful and helpful reading.


After meeting with Kaycie I headed home and had lunch with the hubs. We ate lunch outside on this beautiful day. We enjoyed our meal while also enjoying the beautiful weather and watching our pup run around the backyard.



After lunch I decided to paint for a bit. For my friend’s baby show this weekend I completed a whimsical watercolor painting to go with her nursery theme of elephants and stars.


Then I went back to working on an oil painting I’ve been playing with for awhile now. I think I’ve finally gotten it where I want it. It is definitely a bizarre and abstract piece, but for whatever reason, I’m really digging this painting!


Once my love gets home from work we will be heading out for a little date night together. Our plans are to go to a sushi restaurant and then somewhere for drinks afterwards! I am really looking forward to it 🙂


So as titled, it’s been a fabulous Friday!


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