Hyatt in Minneapolis

This hotel is legitimately very neat! It has a great atmosphere, nice rooms, great banquet/conference space, a nice bar/restaurant, a Starbucks with drinks and coffee, and at the front desk area they have a table with apples and hot apple cider. The location is central to the downtown area and the service so far has been great too!

After a restful sleep on a comfy bed I woke and got ready for the day. I got checked into the conference and sat down for a moment going through the catalog of panels and presentations marking the ones of interest for the day. Afterwards, I went down to the lobby to check out the restaurant’s breakfast menu. It had some delicious looking items, but was as expensive as I had anticipated. So, in order to save money I went to the Starbucks in the lobby instead. I got a croissant sandwich and a chai latte with a shot of espresso. Very tasty! And I desperately needed the caffeine!
The plans for the rest of the morning and afternoon consist of checking out a few panels, and then later, hitting up the Mall of America!!!



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