Blo/No Trip

Today I spent the afternoon in Bloomington-Normal, Il. It was great going through the ol’ stomping grounds again. Some days I desperately miss walking through that campus and being back in the classroom as a student rather than the instructor. Learning was always a lot of fun for me, now matter the struggle for the A grade.

My purpose for the trip up was to do some couples photography for an old grad school buddy of mine. Part of the session was spent on ISU’s campus and uptown Normal. It was great! Such a beautiful day to be outside!




After finishing the session the three of us went to Medici’s for lunch. Medici’s was a favorite back during grad school days, so I was PUMPED to eat there again. I enjoyed some Domaine Dupage with Salmon Brûlée. So. Damn. Good! It was a salmon filet on top of a bed of asparagus, which was on top of Gouda Mac and cheese… Do I need to say more?!?





Following lunch we went to the Coffee Hound for a quick pick me up before leaving town! >



The drive home was really nice. I love that it is staying lighter longer. With the warmer weather today farmers were burning brush on their fields and the delightful scent of bonfire drifted into my car vents and filled my car with the scent of summer. It was wonderful!

While drifting into my thoughts on the road I thought about how I could amp up my photography business. I decided to make fliers to post on Facebook for each type of photography I do. Sometimes I come up with my best ideas on the road! So when I finally arrived home I busted out my computer, edited some pics from today’s session to share as a preview, and then worked my booty off for while making those fliers. I’m hoping it increases my cliental and brings me some consistent cash flow for the summer time! I’ll keep you posted on the results.

Next, I’ve got to gear up for a 5 day trip to Minneapolis this week! Let the traveling continue!!!! >


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