Do you want to build a snowman??

Solid day today. I completed a morning workout, met a friend for lunch, hung out with Mr. Arlo, and met some friends up to discuss this Women’s Empowerment Weekend idea.

Lunch was great. I enjoyed a vanilla coffee and cucumber water with my veggie wrap con a side of hummus!


Watched the movie ‘Frozen’ on repeat. Needless to say the entire soundtrack is stuck in my head. It is adorable how much my husband loves that movie too!

Then at 6pm this evening I met up with some ladies who are wanting to be apart of the WEW that I am trying to put together. Our meeting went well. We got to iron out some details and throw some ideas around. It was pleasantly productive! Also, my friend Jamie who owns and operates her own art studio talked to me about an idea she has. I am hoping it follows through and we can start up her idea together! Tomorrow I will be dropping by the studio and her and I are planning on painting all afternoon. So, that will be sweet! I’ll be sure to share the art tomorrow afternoon!


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