I don’t know about you…

But, I cannot seem to get anything done unless my house is picked up first. It doesn’t need to be full blown deep-down clean, but just picked up so that the array of items are unable to distract me while I accomplish whatever goal I have set forth for myself. My morning routine usually goes as follow (as long as it is a day I am off or working from home): wake up, brush my hair back into a normal shape, let the dog out, go into the kitchen, make a pot of coffee, clean up the kitchen from the night before while the coffee is brewing, once the coffee is done I’ll pour myself a cup, head into the living room, pick up the living room, and then usually light a candle (I love pleasantly scented things, especially yankee and bath and body works candles) before beginning the task at hand.

Thus, my morning has started pretty much exactly as listed above. Here in the lovely Midwest snow has graced our presence yet again. Fortunately, the bitter cold and heavy snow had given us a few days break, so it isn’t as annoying as it has been. While looking out the window from my living room I see our bird feeder topped with a hungry squirrel. Our wood fence sits sturdily in the background. Large pine trees contrasting beautifully in the distance. Behind the rich green trees is a crisp blue sky. If you couldn’t see the snow on the feeder and the fence, the day could fool you into believing that it was nice warm spring day. But none-the-less I will have to move forward with the day whether or not it has decided to be Spring out. Soon enough I will get up and take a morning walk, shower, get ready for the day, and meet a girlfriend up for lunch. Yet again I will be heading to Joe Sipper’s Cafe. It is funny because it would seem to a stranger that I frequent this coffee shop, but in reality, I have been there more in the past week than I have my entire time living in this town! Not to say it isn’t enjoyable. I do like the coffee shop, but I just haven’t been in there too much. Maybe it’ll turn into a location for blogging!

This evening I have a meeting with a few ladies here in town regarding an event that I would really love to host for this area. We have been struggling picking a date to meet and sticking with it, but so far I do believe all will move forward with meeting tonight. I really really want to host a ‘Women’s Empowerment Weekend’ for the ladies in our town and the surrounding areas. It would be a weekend event where the activities one could participate in would be mobile. It would offer multiple things to partake in, including a boudoir session, a painting class, professional or family pictures, aesthetic treatments, a trip to a local winery, massages, reiki (sp) sessions, meditation sessions, personal training or fitness class session, etc. And each session would be titled cleverly, such as: ‘love yourself session’, ‘express yourself session’, ‘promote yourself session’, ‘treat yourself session’,  ‘wine and dine yourself session’, ‘relax yourself’, ‘heal yourself’, ‘find yourself’, and ‘strengthen yourself’ session. So tonight I am meeting with a few ladies who are interested in providing their services to be apart of this weekend event. I am hoping we can finalize what things we want to offer for the first year of hosting this, and some more of how we will approach the logistics side of things. We need to determine how we will best advertise, promote, and collect fees for this and also finalize a date in mind. Originally, we were wanting to aim for the third weekend of May, but with issues we have had with meeting and how much traveling I have coming up in April, I honestly do not think that that date is feasible. Which in reality is good, because one of the key people I want apart of it will be delivering her sweet little baby around that time, and I am hoping if we choose a later date she will be apart of the event. If you aren’t already following my dear friend Kaycie and her blog ‘Joyful Cacophony’ I would highly recommend it. She really is an insightful and inspiring individual. One of the real gems I have been fortunate enough to meet in this little town. Kaycie is always reminding me that “thoughts become things” and recently I have stumbled upon a quote from Pinterest that I believe plays off that that idea. Although, this one suggests thoughts are not enough, you also need to take action with them. But, you get the point!


I intend to use this quote/image as a way to push forward with this Women’s Empowerment Weekend idea. I truly hope we are able to get this idea running and provide this event for the women here in our town. After lunch with my friend Krissy I think I’ll spend some time meditating and envisioning what I want this event to look like. Hopefully the time I spend doing that will assist in making tonight’s meeting a productive one. Wish me luck!


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