Trip to Indianapolis, IN.

Friday we headed out for Indy around 3pm. The weather was beautiful and the drive went well! Here we are crossing the Indiana border.


One thing that stood out in comparison to IL is that the interstate and side roads in IN were littered with garbage. I am uncertain to whether or not this is always the case, as I do not recall this about IN when I used to commute to Rose Hulman to teach, but it was very apparent this trip all the way into the city.

We got into Indy around 6pm and headed to our reserved room at the Red Roof Inn. Now, I’ve been to a Red Roof Inn before, and I know how much we paid for the room. Thus, our expectations were not high. However, while circling the lot, I saw what can only be described as a methed out trucker man. Then, entering our “non-smoking” room, we were overwhelmed by the aroma of pure ash tray and cigarettes. My husband is getting over pneumonia, and any and all strong aromas seem to be extra irritating to his lungs and cough at the moment. 

But we thought, “it’s just for one night..” Well, then we pulled back the comforter to the bed and noticed that there were multiple marks on the white sheets… At that point, it was time to go try and get a refund and cancel our reservation. As we left, we also discovered that the lock on the door had issues, which caused complications when trying to shut the door on our way out. Fortunately, the ladies at the front desk were very sweet and understanding and told us we could still receive a full refund for the room. At that point Andy and I rushed over to the Holiday Inn Express across the street (30 mins before the game started) to try and get a room for a reasonable price.

Well, they had a room. One room. The jacuzzi suite. So, needless to say, it wasn’t a reasonably priced room but it WAS a nice room!


After settling into our room we had to rush to the game. Fortunately, the front desk at the Holiday Inn Express called one at our arrival so that it would be there ASAP. Driving through IN you notice a lot of run down areas, but I will say that the downtown area is nice. It lacks the aroma every few blocks that one experiences walking through Chicago, and is FAR LESS congested with people.


The Bulls didn’t win, but the game was still fun! Ironically enough, a few of our friends were in Indy the same night and also went to the game. So after the game we met up with them and went to Scotty’s Brewhouse. It was understandably packed post game, but a very neat place none-the-less. My favorite aspect about this bar was its outside fire pit for their customers to enjoy! It was a beautiful evening and a perfect night to surround ourselves around the fire!


(our view of downtown from the bar)

We were able to get a table a little later and enjoy some of their delicious and reasonably priced food! After 10pm their appetizers were only $5. Yup, that’s right, $5! I ordered the buffalo waffle fries, delicious! And my husband order the “PBJ burger”. You’re going to lose it when you hear what was in this beauty. Glazed doughnuts as bread, bacon, jelly, peanut butter, and obviously the burger patty. Can I get a side of insulin please?!?! Now before you throw up in your mouth a little bit, I will have you know that it was in fact bizarre but amazing! Pictures below.




After the bar we headed home and crashed! (Most likely from a food coma.)

In the morning I woke and took a leisurely bath in the jacuzzi tub, got ready, headed to their continental breakfast (which was quite awesome if I do say so myself), and then the hubs and I headed to the Indiana Museum of Art. The museum is MASSIVE and it would literally take all day to go through all of the floors and see everything. Very neat exhibits though!




After going through all the exhibits we had the mental and physical stamina for, we headed to lunch. We checked out a restaurant/pub MacNiven’s and enjoyed some grub before heading out of town. (Notice a theme in our restaurant choices?!) I ordered a cheese sandwich which was piled with multiple cheeses, a tomato, spicy aioli (sp?) sauce, and red onions. And for a side, cottage cheese topped with cajun seasoning. Both were DELICIOUS!


After lunch we walked back to our car and headed on back home.

Indy was really a fun town with a lot to do! We will definitely be back for future trips to explore more of what the town has to offer. Next time though, we will be wiser in our lodging decisions. 


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